Something for Everyone

Please browse through our store and see some wonderful gift ideas. We have something special for everyone and we will personalize it for that Special person, can you think of a better gift.

2 Responses to Something for Everyone

  1. Cathy says:

    Can you help me out I’m looking for a kitchen crock with a wider top larger than what is pictured as you utensil crock. as seen in country sampler for utinsels. Don’t know if it is 2 quart or 1 gallon I can’t seem to find the measurements or similar one. Or where to order with a similar pattern.

    • Randy Berndt says:

      Hi Cathy:
      Sorry for the late reply. Got a little busy.
      You would need to call about the “other” utensil crock. The one pictured
      is a 2 quart jar. If you would like more utensils for the crock we suggest
      a 1 gallon crock which measures approx. 7 1/2″ h x 6 1/2″ wide. Price on these are
      2 quart=$54.95 1 gallon = $64.95

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